Thursday, August 11, 2005

Adventuring Forth From Sanctuary on a Meteoric and Showery, Night

Photo by J.M.McCombieOur little, outward and visible Milwaukee shamanic sanctuary looks much better than this latest, very admirable attempt by a circle member to photograph an unreasonable facimile thereof. This room is just a humble, little, cup (or kitchen pot) held out to Spirit and the Spirits, everyday. All circle members keep their own, wherever they are.

I am hoping the clouds clear up by midnight (tonight or tomorrow) so I can bask in showers of the Perseids. From the shape of clouds passing overhead, I am getting a hint that I might have to enjoy the many meteoric memories of past comet trails, instead.

For me, the cross-quarters energy-flow of Lammas continues, unfolds, evolves, and joins other streams throughout August. I am planning a special shamanic dream journeying quest to the Great Mother, on one of her most mysterious holy feast days on Monday, August 15th.

This year, August 14 is a day of the harshest of consequences on the Jewish wheel of the year. And yet, as always, one of the best days for celebrating holy marriage comes soon after. I will be journeying to request The Mother's inner counsel and potent assistance with all of my current shamanic prayer-intentions.


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