Monday, July 04, 2005

My Eyes Are Open - Where Am I Swimming?

I cannot read enough about science frontiers and conciousness. Once in a while, what seems like an original thought arises in my mind, as thoughts arise in other mind-self units....These thought-seeds must sprout somehwere, then unfold and grow into someone's theory, experimentation, research, and reporting. Much later, I am happy to read all about it. I am, so far, almost exclusively an observer of signs and wonders.

Websites about all realms of nature also draw me in. I like nature websites where there are hardly any popups, not very many banners (except recommended and related links), few if any broken links, and much informative, online content - with pictures - to go along with any book, film, or organizational promotion. I list websites that have most of the above, especially when I find material for both youngsters and adults.


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