Monday, July 18, 2005

The Funny Man I Met At the Airport (Who Wrote A Book About Alaska)

Bear suggests 'Visit Alaska!' and
I was fated to meet Brian Keenan, the Irish writer who was kidnapped by Islamic Jihadists in April 1986, then held hostage for four years. Odd circumstances and a visit to General Mitchel International Airport in Milwaukee co-arose yesterday, and tossed me together for a spontaneous, brief, strange conversation with a funny traveller who was pointing to a picture of Carl Gustav Jung on the paperback he intended to carry onboard his flight. This middle aged adventurer was claiming, in facetious delight, that the familiar likeness of Jung on his book, was really a picture of him - we were almost at "the ticket checker's" ID and BOARDING PASS station at the beginning of the Trasnportation Security Administration's checkpoint.

When I asked him immediately, which archetype he was identfying with most at that moment, he startled, then blurted weirdly, "My book was just published...FOUR QUARTERS OF LIGHT." So, I congratulated him and told him I would GOOGLE it, and he sighed, smiled, thanked me, and then continued his separate journey. During my GOOGLE, I saw, from the photo in a related news article, that the man I had spoken with is indeed Brian Keenan. The book, a journal of his experiences in Alaska sounds interesting enough, has recieved favorable advanced reviews, and will presumably been available soon now.

Alaska is a wonderful destination to consider for future ordinary or non-ordinary journeying.


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