Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dreaming the Next Door

This Way of the Fool is idiotic - one image after another of the door appears, while I fumble though my bag for the key, and search the road I am dreaming for a clue. But why keep pursuing dreams and conceptions, when I do understand - I am the key, and the latch, and the door, already standing absurdly in the middle of everything, everywhere.

And, I have already realized that since I am the dreamer, I could certainly slip though the tiniest key hole, anyway. On a shamanic journey this evening Hummingbird appeared with a message: "Search for the fool, the idiot, the bag woman, and the madman, because they will take you to the Shaman, who has long desired to give you the remedy you require." So, back I go right now, to simpler tunes and fun.


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