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Our Shamanic Ship of Fools Must Keep Voyaging Through Temptations
posted Wed, 20 Jul 2005 22:19:33 -0700

Most of the websites I visit as I research, that are devoted to shamanism or other ways of Knowing the Mysteries, do a better job than I aspire to do, describing the numerical, geometrical, mythic, archetypal, symbolic, and metaphorical patterns, cycles, and flowing of All That IS, the particle-egg and the wave-dragon, great and small. Many (not all) of these schools and orders have refined their initiatory traditions into religions and their circling into institutions (highly to loosely organized). Much of the cosmic FUN of the Mysteries was suppressed in the processing everything for preservation and publication.

Maybe my contribution will be a simple, childish, and eagar grabbing the wheel for a moment or two, whenever I can, and brief moments of steering back towards the sound of healing laughter. No matter what, I know I must do my part in those brief moments (where tiny actions may cause crucial changes), to help navigate our little ship of shaman-fools and companions through any temptations to get serious.

Ordinary Mysteries of the Shaman Wise Fool
posted Thu, 07 Jul 2005 20:16:08 -0700

Perhaps all shamans are shaman-fools, in some way, to some degree, since real shamans each find their ways to bridge all realms of wisdom and folly - conciousness and being, spirit and experience, living and dying. Somehow, any shaman must resonate, reveal, and conduct the cosmic antics of light and spirit, and digest a lethal dose of the leftovers of this universal feast of matter and energy - recovering from the symptoms and side-effects, and incarnating the cure for whatever is ailing us.

The Shaman-Fool may appear less of an authority and seem less of a success than other respectable Shamans, and might reveal and conduct re-creative Spirit and the Spirits through everyday scenarios, by acting out as Trickster, or Trickster's foil. A Shaman Fool can unmask fraud with a mask, release blessings through disguises, upset customs with costumes, break habits with a routine, and re-mind us of Truth and Beauty with funny hats. On the best of days, the Shaman Fool can help even the Sullen Bureaucratic Builder finally crack into a smile, die laughing, and dream on into new life.

All I Did Was Watch, Until the Stars, Moon, Planets, the Sun, and Everything Visited Little Me
posted Fri, 24 Jun 2005 12:39:22 -0700

On last week's quest, all I did was lie down in sacred space, and watch and dream. Teal and I were blessed with an invitation to camp in a patch of wilderness at the edges of an old style dairy farm. The two of us could quest alone, far enough apart to be out of sight and mind of one another....Neither of us makes any attempt to follow any particular traditon for retreating. As with other aspects of shamanic practice, we each unfold our own ways, as stirred by Spirit and the Spirits.

I dreamed that everything in the universe that had to do with my mission in life danced over me. This all happened during a shamanic singularity: a night that was like a timeless day, or a day that was visited by the Moon, the Planets, and the Stars, all at once. Yet, it was the Moon that played all the the main characters in this earthen cosmic drama...

I recieved relief and refreshement, yet I know that the best gifts from these visions will be given to me and others down the road of the ordinary, just a bit further on. Great shifts are coming and greater than dreamed of good.

So I shall wonder on my way for here and for now...
~ Chammy

Gone Questing
posted Mon, 13 Jun 2005 07:49:52 -0700

This is not the usual time for either of us for a yearly vision quest - and it may not be the only one this year. We shall both be away for about a week of low-tech interactivity with Spirit and the Spirits, and shamanic alchemy for processing whatever inner ingredients are linking to more than the usual outer, local, ordinary reality experiences of chemical, clan, community, and global imbalance.

Here is an interesting environmental balance website we found researching a theme for the vision quest.

Our blogging and other internet interactivity is already behind, and we shall return to keep blogging on. Who knows if we will ever catch up?

~ Teal and Chammy

Ants Everywhere I Walk and Bumble Bees Just Being There
posted Fri, 10 Jun 2005 22:27:35 -0700

What does teaching or gift does Ant have to give me? These social insects are almost underfoot nearly everywere I roam.

There are still a few Bumble Bees buzzing around the bushes, too. They are automatically busy, even if they are just being there.

Satan Behind Me Again
posted Thu, 19 May 2005 09:37:19 -0700

It seems like there have been more than the usual trials and temptations lately - and I have more often forgotten to ask Satan to step out of the way, and get back behind me. So I have been experiencing more of the troubles caused by tangled-up chains.

It is important that I remember not to tell (my) Satan who is chained (linked) to me to go away, but to stay behind - because Satan is as much a faithful angelic energy-flow of the divine as any other. But Satan's proper place is behind me as we journey this life, not in front.

This is a teaching I recieved from one of the Wise-Fools in a dream, and I will understand it better after more dreaming.

Can We Find a Home to Go In and Out Of?
posted Fri, 06 May 2005 18:30:33 -0700

I joined the Friday Night Circle a little early today. I found myself contemplating Ascension Day, and the earlier theme of Rogation Day's beating the bounds. I was thinking of the activation of boundaries as walls of a container for sacred essentials of life - in which they percolate, ferment, bubble, and liberate mysterious fumes and leave behind distilled miracles...So, then I started to journey into that dream.

In that dream, I saw a home for our companions circle, order, and school - a safe, sacred, place in spacetime to go back to for renewal. It was at a crossroads, however, and was far from being a secluded sanctuary. The crossroads in this dream-journey was a place of great power and possibility - and surprise. The office and sanctuary in Milwaukee is already located in rented rooms at a crossroads, yet this current home seems somewhat unsecure, although many miracles have rippled out from it - limitations appear to be at the top of the list, but perhaps I am just afraid of that magic trickster element of surprise.

Years ago when we began our covenant-circle of companions, renting made a great deal of sense, and we all rented space near one another on Milwaukee's eastside. Several of of us have, for various reasons, scattered to many directions by now, though we share a home website and support the Milwaukee outreach as the main outward, tangeable, altar and sign of our companionship covenant. Just a few, and the one of us who always wanted to be an ordained minister remains there, for now, keeping the ministry open to the world...

Still, in my dream-journey there was a home for us, more shielded from mundane surprises, while allowing more of the profound ones. It was not a retreat or conference center. It was in the world, but less of it than our current headquarters, somehow. And, it was roomier. It looked like a large, old, house on a wooded lot, very near a body of water, possibly a river. In this evening's dream-journey, I was not led by the Spirits to approach any closer, and I recieved word that I would be able to get closer, even perhaps enter, on another journey - if I choose to return.

The theme for this evening's circling around (in Milwaukee and in the cyber-realms) was having freedom and linking up at the same time - on many levels. It is true that most newer, prospective practice or church-circle members from the Milwaukee neighborhoods have seemed unable to link up, many seeming to be bound up in habitual trouble-patterns, sticking to old stories...though we have witnessed some dramatic lifeshifts, too.

I know there was some healing medicine in this dream-journey, for the apparent shortcomings in our shamanic practice-way that I attend to heart and mind - in spite of knowing better. I intend to continue pick up where it left off, soon.

~ Chammy

Dead-End Job Benefits
posted Thu, 28 Apr 2005 07:13:49 -0700

I was reflecting upon the phrase and the concept of dead end jobs the other day. Several of us in a scattered-site shamanic practice-way, school, and circle-companionship have answered Spirit's call to a life of shamanic intervention in our world. In various ways we engage in prayer-intervention behind the scenes, and jesting and questing out in ordinary reality - to catalyze and conduct reversals, inversions, changed dreams, new dancing, and shapeshifting. Over the years each of us has found or returned to (what is in some respect) a dead-end job as the most trouble free way to support a shamanic practice.

I have simplified my life on purpose to the degree where the expenses of living a fun life can be covered by the wages of any entry-level service job. And on and off the day job, I am free to practice shamanic blessing, wonder, laughter, questing, and questioning.

It is true that I do not have time and space in the schedule now for teaching workshops all over the world - and plenty of people are doing that already. Writing a book eventually is a possibility I still consider, yet so far Spirit has not inspired or encouraged me to take on any longterm projects.

The best benefit of a dead end job is the dead end itself. Real shamans must discover ways of passage in and out of dead ends, and find free passage though the valley of the shadow of death - and practice shamanic ways in the context of community. My dead end job is one easy way to perfect positioning everyday, since Spirit and the Spirits are teaching me to be a real shaman someday.

Grail Power Song
posted Mon, 18 Apr 2005 20:42:56 -0700

I posted this account of my journey with the Friday Night Shamanic Circle (April 15th/2005) at the Shamanic Shift Group Newsletter yesterday. I have been dreaming and studying this shamanic journey a little more since then. I have yet to complete the assignment to create an artifact for grounding and carrying along, as I know I shall soon.

I dream-journeyed Friday night for a spiritual gift to assist me in keeping my shamanic balance through shocking, dismaying, or reaction-triggering everyday situations. I journeyed to the lower world and met some of my power animals, and we journeyed under my guiding star to the place of my Special Tree. In this dreaming, it was also the place of the Tree of Life, growing up and down through all the realms.

Between the ground under that place, and my guiding star above, the Big Tree spiraled into a mountain, then a castle, and then into the image of The Grail. The Sun, Moon, all the planets, and the Earth, and all the stars, and many living beings were dancing around upon this vision of The Grail. I knew it was an image and not the Grail itself, marvelous as it was for me to experience. In the journey, with my helpers at my side, I lay down on the earth, and looked up at the shining Cup vision, under my guiding star. There was both real and reflected light flowing out and returning from the Cup.

I began to hear a simple power-song that I could see in various colors and shapes as well as hear. These sounds and shapes flowed through me for a while before I could understand any particular words. After another while, I was able to hear these easy, simple, words resonating rhythmically and flowing harmoniously out of and back into the visionary Cup:

I am the Grail, giving all living...
I am the Grail, recieving for giving...
I am the Grail, forgiving for living...

When I heard my call-back I stood up, gave thanks to all in all too hasty a manner, and returned rapidly to ordinary reality. Right before I was all the way back, one of my power animals called after me an assignment - to construct some small artifact to ground this experience.

For a day or two now, I have been breathing to the words of the chant-song while going about ordinary reality. I feel that is helping me stay in balance, but of course I expect it to.

Go Wonder!
~ Chammy

The Vow of Mystery
posted Fri, 01 Apr 2005 17:23:11 -0800

Taking a vow of MYSTERY means to me:

  • remembering and researching no-thingness and unity in all things all the time
  • knowing and unknowing the zero and the one
  • asking the next question
  • traveling at rhythmic rest and resonant harmony
  • being Mystery - including serving anonymously
  • learning how to live the vow of Mystery

I know that I love to live in wonder - wondering and proclaiming all things wonder full. The other two secret vows will be harder for me, the vow of SILENCE, and the vow of H/I/STORY. I am about to journey for more information on this way of living under vow.

It is Friday night and our little widespread chapter of the universal peregrine companionship of shamans is circling around the theme of the HOLY FOOL. This is a great favorite.

Another Version of the Three (More) Secret Vows
posted Thu, 24 Mar 2005 10:27:22 -0800

There some who live under vow, and I have been studying sacred vows, along with a few others. We came upon some teachings about secret sacred vows - vows that cannot ever be written down in any certain way.

Today, I am calling them
Silence, and

but this cannot, of course be written in stone. There are some important ideas, images, and sounds contained in the word history, yet there is a radical, metamorphic, artistic quality that I have not found a good word for yet. Maybe when there are two or three things to name, the third must be a stumbling block.

~ Chammy

More Wondering Contemplation - Less Blogging
posted Thu, 17 Mar 2005 16:09:15 -0800

There is so much ongoing need for shamanic intervention nowadays - who knows whether more shamanic blessings and assistance are needed now than before. Lately, I have been doing more shamanizing and writing about it is become barely possible.

I and some of the companions of our shamanic circle have gone back to journeying and dreaming everyday behind the scenes of what is going on all over the world. I journey wherever I am taken by Spirit and the Spirits, and I do what I am given to do, for helping people, places, and things shift to the next dream - hopefully bigger, even better dreams than any up until now.

There is much, too, that troubles my heart and mind, but I do all I can to keep to the pure intention of emptying to Spirit and the Spirits dancing new life to and fro. There is always a bigger, even better dream to live, and only beliefs get in the way of knowing this fully. Everything is interconnected as two and three and even more, in and as one!

There are vows to take someday, beyond those I have already taken. There are (in one version) the vows of Mysteriousness, Silence, and Forgetting.

I just found another book to read, My Big TOE by Thomas Cambell. I was searching the Theory of Everything.

~ Chammy

Blogrolling Competition?
posted Wed, 09 Mar 2005 11:38:47 -0800

UPDATE: May 5, 2005 - We have shifted our way of collecting links, though the Proboards site is still there, and still works. Anyone and everyone are invited to add links to our project through links at the bottom of (or somewhere on) most of the pages of our main website, at -

The links project collections are at:
This is the original blog I wrote:

The Shamanic Ways Links Project started a Shamanic Ways (Syndicated) Bookmark List to keep adding to. Anyone can add a website URL and information on, by going to the Shamanic Ways Links Project Directory and registering - or not - and adding shamanic links. One of us will eventually add what you post to the Bookmark list. There is also a Shamanic Ways Links Project Weblog where suggested links can be added though a link there. The several of us have been out researching on our own, and have found quite a good number of shamanic websites and weblogs to add ourselves, but we welcome more.

We are also each creating favorites lists or blogrolls (since we all have blogs) of wild assortments of mind-boggling sites - shamanic and not. I have my Blogrolling list that anyone can see on the right, Crabbee has a del.icio,us list, and Teal and Shamantic! have Bloglines blogrolls. Now I hear that even Rezzee, who has stated that he prefers the handmade changes to the template approach has started a syndicated list at Furl-It (so far it is short and lists shamanism websites).

I was out looking for Mercury, just after sunset, and I think I was able to spot the planet in the southwest of early evening. Today is very clear, so I will take another look - to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me yesterday.

~ Chammy

I Am Still Blogrolling Along - And I Almost Forgot To Blog
posted Thu, 03 Mar 2005 20:13:54 -0800

There are so many great web sights to explore and now that I have the Blogrolling account, I keep looking for more! Then, I go back and look-again at the websites I liked enough to add on. Some folks like the "handmade" approach better, figuring that if a link is really worth it, one will be willing to change the template. This way has merit and truth, yet the automatic approach lets me keep many, many locations under observation for a while.

A circle companion found social bookmarking service and now the Shamanic Ways Links Project has as a new experiment. There are almost too many wonders on the web, and more than one night I have forgotten to go to bed, to the shamanic dreamworlds!

~ Chammy

My New Blogroll
posted Tue, 22 Feb 2005 15:29:27 -0800

I was having a lot of fun yesterday compiling the blogroll I just put on the sidebar. It gave me a chance to put together everything I had bookmarked, so far, that I like, that I consider to be exceptional, and then I went and found more, of course - weblogs, blogs, articles, and websites. I bypassed all the "not so wonderful" extra bookmarks I had collected in my IE browser, and chose only the good stuff. This was all done without much effort, through Blogrolling - just the free version, so far.

During my web search, I was especially enjoying the websites and workings dedicated to "disinformation" - a topic closely linked to the shamanic arts of jesting - dreaming and dancing things awake and alive with Trickster and the tricksters. It is also linked with unconcious, habitual, reactive, manipulated, and manipulating bahavior patterns. There is a noteable amount of upset in many places, over the levels and amounts of "disinformation" being distributed and "walked around" these days, and disagreements about whatever might be the philosophical, social, and artistic significance of it all. I came to only a few humorous treatments of disinformation. Even some of the humorous approaches to disinformation seemed hateful, more than funny. I take all of it in, like the many ingredients of a complex recipe - for everything to stew in its own juices, and still come forth from the cauldron as choice bits of a tasty meal.

Here I am, still going on about food! Chameleons, after all, just love zapping down tasty morsels of reality - raw.

Fast Food (and Grocery Store) Epiphany - Part 2
posted Wed, 16 Feb 2005 22:26:13 -0800

I was writing about all of the connections that amazed my mind and warmed my heart during a recent hastily chosen fast-food meal. Since then, I have become aware of the faces on the meals I eat, and have started wondering if the message from Spirit in the un-self-concious eyes of the meaty faces I encounter in the grocery store and elsewhere can really be as simple as "eat vegan" or something like that. It is known that plant spirits are most generous, and are able to renew easily when consumed - and, it is taught that plants are not diminished by being harvested and eaten. Eating a lot of meat has never agreed with me, anyway.

This afternoon, I was reassured by a knowing that many animals are not diminished by being killed and eaten, either - as they were not in the hunter-gatherer days, when every kind ate some of the others in natural ways, and as no one ever really is, in the biggest picture. The diminishment comes through reasonless and heartless cruel treatment, and gutless, careless, and wasteful slaughter. I also recieved a reassurance that any diminishments are temporary, and a reminder that all diminishments are mutual. (So the shaman is still called to do whatever is possible to repair and restore all diminishments.) A teaching is being dreamed into me concerning many beings of other kinds on this world and around this planetary system cherishing (since long ago) hopeful dreams about the future of humankind - urging us in spirit to go on with all our experiments and take and consume whatever we need to push life on, for the benefit of all, (after all)!

About all of this, I am still mightily wondering. To the ones that have, more and more will be given. Yet more and more will be expected of those who have the most. And the meek shall inherit! We are all in this together, that is for sure. (Go wonder, wonders never cease!)

~ Chammy

Cutting Back to Two Dimensions for Certain Things
posted Wed, 16 Feb 2005 13:58:26 -0800

Listing the special ceremonial rememberings of honored beings from all realms, that we celebrate in circle through ongoing shamanic ritual and intervention, is much easier (for me) to do on a paper calendar. I and two or three others are still blogging the Living Space-Time Spiral Temple calendar project, but we are also using old fashioned calendars and then collecting each contributor's pages into a folder for each month. The project may continue in that form, and not ever be compiled into any one "official" big book!

We have also taken a break from joining more link exchange directories and affiliate programs et cetera. Instead, we are dedicating our energy and efforts to linking up in the Shamanic Ways Links Project directory and weblog, as many shamanic-related blogs and websites as we can find - regardless of link-backs or our page-rankings. It is helpful to us to be able to visit other shamanic websites and blogs with ease!

~ Chammy

Shamanic Blogging: Adventuring In Order to Share
posted Fri, 11 Feb 2005 16:36:16 -0800

The several of us Aloha Salem Quest University journeyers and dreamers are adventuring the cosmos and ordinary reality - switching back and forth between the two directions - to reconnect one and the other in self, one unit of conciousness at a time. The blogging is part of the sharing part. The direct experience accounts are there for whoever resonates, and even for those who react.

It is difficult to get myself to write the accounts, however. Shamanic moments are here in the NOW, and after that, the description is an injustice. Sharing about an approach to shamanic practice is easier to write, but less exciting. Our school is a little different, in taking the most radical approach possible to the singularity of each experience. We study as much science and wisdom as possible - but we adopt and advocate none of it and yet all of it. There is never going to be a formula, spell, guru-teacher, book, creed, rite - or list (canon) of any of these - given more authority than individual direct experience of Mystery, Conciousness, Spirit, and the Spirits. Except that all methods, rites, universal teachers, books, and canons are honored and studied with enthusiasm and wonder.

There will never be a comfortable niche in which to make a home, while we are residents of our "school of the universal wandering shaman fool" - the urban/cosmopolitan, universal adventurer shaman-way. It is also the approach of many shamanic humorists and optimists - who live (and disquise) to expose the blessings hiding everywhere - under thick, ugly, disguises. There are many who do this, and succeed marvelously in failing to call any attention to themselves and their unsung efforts! They do not even know that they have been elevated to faculty status in Aloha Salem Quest University.

My Blog Appeared to be Lost Today
posted Fri, 04 Feb 2005 06:20:42 -0800

Here I was - just about to write something again, after several day's break, and when I went to my blog to read the last thing I had written, all I could get was the old "this page cannot be displayed" white page. I have this way of getting an attitude when something doesn't work - yet, I realize that it is possible, but not likely that everything will always be operating the way I expect them to. I just wish there was someplace site-issues were posted, so I could know it isn't just me!

Right now, I am just writing this test post, and I will come back later to write what I had planned to post. It was something about "mirrors" and being haunted by old, unacceptable, reflections - ghostly, negative regardings of others, and the automatic routines that follow after! I feels a little strange when my blog "cannot be found" - sort of like I am a ghost that was banished, somehow.

~ Chammy

Fast Food Wonderings
posted Mon, 24 Jan 2005 20:10:41 -0800

Yesterday, I sat and ate some notorious fast food - and I felt a shamanic shift happening. These several ordinary food items started to unfold before me, a myriad per moment kaleidoscopic weaving of tenuous yet tenacious energy-threads. This pedestrian meal was actually shimming full of uncountable crossroads and travellings of being - whatever had led up to the now moment I was consuming!

It all started when I came to my senses and began wondering if even some eco-thoughtless fast food, hastily chosen, could become a profound spiritual practice, if I would start unraveling - mindfully/heartfeltly - all the connections that were still present in this food after all its complicated journeys to hungry me. With blessing and thanksgiving to all, I began to trace back a few simple connections. A detailed description of all the ramifying interconnections that unfolded after that would be condescending - much too far to fall from the ecstasy of that sudden remembering that in the realms of Life Spirit and the spirits of life, all things (even the most "incorrect") have a unique, powerful, creative way of being good, right, and beautiful.

So, I could see that all was good, when looked at with a single, intentional, ineffable, spirit-knowing, soft gaze. Even that fast food, cruelly concocted, crassly commercialized, mundanely regretted, super-value meal could be righteously judged "good" in the divine darkness of the container of dancing lights! All was revealing itself as light, dark, varigated, multi-faceted, rainbowy, and simply GOOD - an intentional composition within the wonderful realms of the bigger pictures within even bigger pictures. With Life Spirit all things are certainly, multi-dimensionally possible!

~ Chammy

New Shamanic Ways Links Project
posted Wed, 19 Jan 2005 11:46:12 -0800

Some of our shamanic school/circle members are starting a little directory of links to shamanic websites, weblogs, and link-directories at:

Shamanic Ways Links Project Directory

and it is still in the beginning stages. It will have to be a low-tech, static approach for a while - the site is free and ad-free, and (who knows) down the road, we may be able to shift the project into a more sophisticated format. This project has been started to complement all other shamanic ways linking, as part of a global renewal of contemporary shamanic conciousness.

Anyone who wants to share or exchange website links, may post information through the comments, forum, or send message features at that site. We are planning to update the catagories on an ongoing basis.

It has appeared difficult to get our websites and weblogs listed in the larger, more influential directories, and who knows all the reasons for that. I dream that there are many unsung, individualist shamanic practicers and artists out and about all around the ordinary reality realms, and I would like to get to know some more of these journeyers!

The other (new) website for the Shamanic Ways Links Project is a weblog at Blogger, Shamanic Ways Links Project2, which will be a clipping/blog of links to interesting articles and "blogs" relating to shamanic work, play, and art in ordinary reality. As I said, I would like to know more of the good shamanic ways, and help spread the good word.

I am a shy chameleon, however - shy, and a little sly!

~ Chammy

UPDATE: The above site for new links still works, but we have shifted to links for anyone to add links to our project, at the bottom of (or somewhere on) most of the pages of our main website, at -

The links project collections are at:

Conciousness Is Individual Medicine
posted Wed, 12 Jan 2005 14:02:27 -0800

". . .Everything has lived at the slicing edge of conciousness, and there will be more living beings to share this kinship of sovereignty. There is interconnected wave-woven unity, and there is intention - ever generating rebirth and new life. The new life is always more concious and more choosing. . ."

These were some of the teachings I was recieving during a recent session of shamanic dreaming, from a royal-visaged Hasidic (slightly Einstein-looking!) Rebbe in one of the "upper" realms of spirit. We were sitting in a circled group amidst a lushly vegetated place that also looked a lot like a travel poster of Hawaiian scenes, awakened to intensely vivid life!

It was all super-real, and yet I felt a real kinship with the teacher and everyone and everybeing there. "If we are choosing, we are among THE CHOOSING ONES of this age. There are all kinds of ages and generations to consider! And there are always a newer way of choosing to participate - no one who is satisfied with the current (chosen) ways can stay on the most concious slicing edge of ALL that IS. But this EDGE shifts, folds, and unfolds every moment and THIS MULTIPLEX SWORD cuts across all boundaries of being and existing, so that the edge can be anywhere, in anything, at anytime. All individuals, of all levels have a unique Medicine-Way to live this power and possibility. . ."

This Hawaiian Hasid's teachings went on, but even while I was thus dreaming, I fell deeper asleep for a while! But, as I was drifting off to further dreamings, I glimpsed the complexities of all this lessons's wordy teachings, spiral dancing around and around, beginning and beginning to coalesce as a dynamic, pulsating jewel/mountain/city of unlimited brightness and liveliness - and each of its shining facets was a cutting edge of conciousness, as well as many other things. (Go wonder - Wonders never cease!)

~ Chammy

I Spent Today Relaxing Reactions and Enactments
posted Fri, 07 Jan 2005 20:20:20 -0800

Every so often I realize what I am up against - especially when I find myself reenacting a pattern of thought and emotion from the primal times of my spacetimes here in the histories of earth! Today, I stayed more alone and quieter, just to feel and shift what is happening deep within. One of the companions of the circle says "Wake up, and dream again!"

Here is a chameleon who can shapeshift into a dragon, or some giant prehistoric being. But the power must be used for good and not for feeding old habits that are dying hard! Nothing wants to die, but nothing really ever dies - just changes, catastrophically sometimes!

~ Chammy

The Dark Side of Wondering
posted Tue, 04 Jan 2005 11:02:59 -0800

I am not always experiencing child-like wonder or shamanically shifting my conciousness open to the dances of Spirit and the spirits. All to often the "dead-ones" start up within with the habititual "blah, blah, blah, same old same old, yadda yadda yadda, tick-tock, tick-tock. . ." and there I am judging everyone around me to be heartless, gutless, dead-heads who are rebirthing habit, just going through the motions, and so forth.

So the tsunami and earthquake probabilities of today were probably stirred up by some tick-tocking that was darkly wondering, walking along "seven generations ago," according to some shamanic teachings we are studying. Seven generations can mean any kind of generations, because we do our best not to take things literally in our school. Then I self-indulge my self-importance by wondering how to undo any disasters I may have tipped off the scales of possibility into probability for our world of the future. That is some more of the dark side of my wondering.

All I have to do is voyage back through the momentary doorway of HERE and NOW. It is always there - part of the universal deal, in our way of adventuring being and living. And right here and now, I do not even remember what started the dark conversation this time around!

~ Chammy

Shamanic "Experts" - Just the Tricksters of My Little Life Taking Things to the Logically Absurd Exptermes, Again
posted Wed, 29 Dec 2004 11:20:19 -0800

I have simplified my own shamanic practice, especially over the past year - now that there seem to be more and more "expert" shamans appearing on the internet and elsewhere in ordinary reality, I am intentionally attempting to contrast with that sort of thing. I - and a few others in our school - are practicing original, radical, wondering as a way to enter shamanic states of conciousness amidst everyday situations, without having to make a big deal out of it!

I opine that shamanic practicers can and often ought to "make a production" out of interventions, for the sake of effect and effectiveness. What I am having a difficult time with is the granting of authority to certain shamanic experts to give out formulistic solutions to lumped together by symtom list medical diagnosis-like problems. One of the essentials of contemporary shamanic practice is individual direct experiences of Spirit and the spirits - original and unique to each life situation and challenge being faced in each new moment.

So, it looks as if practicers of tribal shamanistic religious belief systems and traditons are being given automatic "expert" status (especially by healers of the "popular New Age), no matter how ill-suited their exacting rituals are to western cultures! Certain western contemporary shamanic practicers who teach workshops and write books seem to have been granted expert status, too. The Society for Shamanic Practitioners (SSP) now offers an "Ask Sandra Ingerman" feature to its members. The answers Sandra Ingerman was giving out, the last time I and some of the other students of our shamanic school happend to look, were not the correct answers to the questions being asked - just some possible (ok) answers. The workshops and books by these "shamanic experts" like Sandra Ingerman, Michael Harner, John Perkins, and many others, are often wonderful, as long as the teachings are not taken literally or set immediately into stone!

The placing of certain excellent (or maybe not) shamanic practicers (or practitioners if we must!) onto pedastles is sometimes even offensive to others, who feel their traditions are being co-opted, misrepresented, or misused. What this mainly makes me wonder is how soon we will be challenged by whole movements of new-age shamanic "fundamentalists" or even more absurdly, by western shamanic traditionalist groups separating into new-age shamanic extemist factions!

There are already, it seems to me, too many religious literalists out and about right now in the world, doing all they can to take away all individuals' freedoms to work and play directly with the Spirits of Life in unique, ultimately recreative, flexible, and adaptive ways - ways that can only help us find creative solutions to world class problems, and facilitate folks all over the globe getting along better with one another! For me and a few my companions of the circle, freedom restoration is one of the main possibility-broaches activated in the practice of contemporary truely shamanic ways.

I am not usually so serious-sounding. Well, I am reminding myself that if this kind of thing is happening, it is just another of my adventures with the life's tricksers and the Trickster! And, that is all a part of the deal I signed on for. Right now, we are all working with Spirit and the spirits, and with shamanic practicers of all types all over the world, in a spacetime waveform spiraling circle, attempting to assist those experiencing huge rips and tears in the fabric of their worlds during these very moments!

~ Chammy

I Went Star Hunting Before Dawn Today!
posted Thu, 23 Dec 2004 20:19:36 -0800

It was clear and cold, and I was looking for more meteors and the planets dancing into juxtaposition. I saw Mars and Venus, and maybe even Mercury - as well as Jupiter and Saturn, but I was not able to stay outside for long, in the bitter, breezy, 5 degree Fahrenheit, city streets!

By mid-morning, I could briefly (on and off) feel the warmth of the sunlight reflecting from the side of the building when I ventured out for a walking meditation. A homeless man made this an active shamanic meditation and teaching session by asking for assistance with finding some shelter and other possibilities, and I met with him for about an hour inside a warmer place nearby. He seemed to have a plan, and some bus tickets and a dollar (contributed to the cause by another passing neighbor) by the time we parted. Then, I started back to my cosy abode.

I read somewhere that some of us might be able to see the International Space Station one of these days. What a reminder that would be of my intention of adventuring around this world - while spiraling in dancing circles right around here!

~ Chammy

Each Self Is An Ultimate Book of Knowledge
posted Sun, 19 Dec 2004 08:09:34 -0800

I found Google's library project and Douglas Adams' Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy mentioned in the same article, along with some other science fiction depictions of the concept of the ultimate collection of knowledge, right after I wrote here about Mice and the Guide and some other things. As wonderful as I find libraries of paper and cyber books, and any kind of indexing of "book-learning," I opine that the realest, truest Book of Ultimate Knowledge is written/being written within each self and each individual HERE/NOW moment, and is already most elegantly indexed in multi-dimensional holographic fashion as part of the deal. I find all of these ideas facinating, really!

Here is the link to the article:

URL: - Encyclopedia Googlactica

I am all excited about this, too. Regardless of any philosophical remarks I might make, I love bibliographies, lists, indexes, and all ways of collecting all kinds of knowledge.

~ Chammy

Mouse Brains May Really Be Dreaming All Of This
posted Thu, 16 Dec 2004 20:55:46 -0800

It is revealed in A HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY and THE ULTIMATE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE, by Douglas Adams, that mice actually have been doing the experiments on human beings on this planet all along. In my way of looking at things, there would be one to an infinite number of worlds on the Universal Tree where this would in some way be and/or seem to be the case - almost too many to wonder about!

Yet, even here on this version of ordinary reality, the DNA of a mouse is only 10% different from a "man's" and who is to say for sure if the mice don't have the newer, faster, multi-featured, debugged edition (no offense to bugs)!? Well, I am sure there is more than one "someone" around who would be saying that very thing. However, I was noticing that a couple of companions of my cirle were just remarking at the 60% or so of potential that humankind shares with the chicken!

URL: Alan's and Sharon's Quest

URL: Mouse brain genome!

My purpose in life is to open the heart of my mind to wonder and be delighted by all these possibilities. This creates and keeps open a little doorway for new dreams to dance though and fro. . .

I do not recall reading anything about Lizard DNA!

~ Chammy

Universal and Solar Mysteries Long Preserved Inside A Comet - We Dream of Knocking Loose Some Birthday Treasures, High Up in the Earth and Sky!
posted Wed, 15 Dec 2004 23:59:30 -0800

The space mission is to fly by a nearby comet while hurling a probe to collide a deep hole into it. This could be a new kind of cosmic flyby shooting, or it could be the play of growing universal children! Whatever is hiding within that comet has been space sailing by for a long while in a facinating natural time capsule, approaching us and then withdrawing again, giving up only bits and pieces.

URL: Comet (soon to be slammed into): What took you so long?

Now, the more deeply hidden treasures seem to be "just asking" to be revealed! Or this comet could be like a giant-sized, treat-filled holiday toy for children, danging over our heads, just asking to be broken open for fun and games!

URL: Pinyata safety!

Anyway, all things must break - sometime or other! Go wonder, and wonder again. . .

~ Chammy

I was wondering about this . . .
posted Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:54:12 -0800

I was standing on a windy, sunny corner early this afternoon, and a mini-SUV of some kind, enthusiastically vibrating reggae music at the world, had to stop for a red light at the intersection near me. On the rear window,in black block letters there was a cross-based emblem, and a statement: "If I cannot do great things in life, I shall do little things in a great way!" And on the rear side window it also said, "Only God can judge me."

This did not seem like the average church ministry van, but I didn't have a chance to take a closer look. The light turned green, the SUV reggaed away, and suddenly a man came up and asked me for 50 cents - to buy gasoline!

Encouragement For An Big All-Time Loser. . .
posted Sat, 11 Dec 2004 22:26:17 -0800

I enjoy the happier endings that get printed in the news. Just the other day there was a man telling me of the great discouragement and frustration he is feeling because he figures he has "lost" all of the hundred or more tries he has made recently "to get his life together and turn things around" (and there was palpable but unaknowledged blob of fear and anger growing and glowing all the while, in the stuffy space around us,seeming to surround us, while we conversed). It was only after we had parted ways that my attention was drawn to this item in the ODD NEWs department!

URL= Winning for losing?!

Declaring oneself retired, I have often thought, could always become a viable PLAN B or C, as long as there is some revenue in the picture. (Revenue: what went out, coming back around - let it be some good stuff!) And sometimes, a perfect losing streak can indeed magically change into a "winner" in an instant! In the practice of shamanic wondering, this could be called one small, simple, mundane, example of amazement and delight springing up suddenly, after a minor ordinary-reality attitude shapeshifting was given (on purpose) a mustard-seed sized space to work wonders in a situation that was looking hopeless!

Hopelessness, artfully applied to reality, can be wonderfully transforming! Go wonder, no matter what!

~ Chammy

Here are my "lost" blogs. . .
posted Fri, 10 Dec 2004 12:08:27 -0800

I wrote that I had started a weblog somewhere else, and there were some good features there - very friendly place! However my browser couldn't get there on a reliable, ongoing basis! I kept having to "clear the files" and my colleague/teacher Shamantic! The Wise's Bloglines Clip/Blog wasn't able to subscribe to it without feed errors. So, I am going to stay over here for a while and hope re-creatively. . .

This is what I wrote, so far, over there:

Hanukkah Here and Now
Go Wonder! Wonders never cease!

By Chameleonflow
Posted Thursday, December 09, 2004 on Chammy's Blog
Discussion: Religion

We celebrate as many holiday seasons as possible in our circle of companions! Hanukkah is 8 long, dark yet light days where it seemed as if the laws of nature and the cosmos were suspended so that "not enough" was plenty - which can be another way of reminding self of INFINITY: living here and now admidst infinite possiblility and unlimited power. For me, in alignment with the main theme of Hanukkah, this is a time of rededicating myself ( as a living temple-in-progress) to what I am, and what my purpose is here on universal earth!

So when the time comes soon, for this earth to appear darkest, I will already be watching conciously, for the outward and visible signs of the coming of newer, brighter day lights! This winter of 2004 C.E., the Thirteenth Moon will even be full, around about then. To my eyes and ears it is wonderful, and more than just a little amazing, that earth is actually dancing closer and closer to the Sun, during these colder times of space in ordinary reality!

Link: References

The Genome Project - Considering Ancestors and Relations
Go Wonder! Wonders never cease!

By Chameleonflow
Posted Thursday, December 09, 2004 on Chammy's Blog
Discussion: Religion

Even in the measured and measureable worlds of the histories, the wheels and web of interconnections among all living beings are more and more being revealed by the scientists of "ordinary reality" - the everyday world of here and now which looks more and more non-ordinary, built of dark matter halos and shimmery quantum fluctuations. The more we know, the more mystery there is and is. The universal original shamans, and then the gnostic philosophers, and then the alchemists, had bone-deep knowings of the way things live and move and have their being, and those direct experiences (internal and external/subjective and objective) got to be so appealing in their effectiveness that others and then more and more others copied and codified reminders of these moments into religious systems. The original direct experiences were as scientific and artistic as they were religious. Now, as many of us are noticing, the sciences and philosophies and arts are coming closer together - like two and three circling together in agreement, with divine FUN playing in their midst!

I have lately been looking at astronomical events in wonder, delight, and amazement and taking shamanic journeys skyward and starward for inspiration. Today my attention suddenly turned to studies of our ancestors and deep ancestors closer by - relatives from the prehistories of our earth/universe. And I found myself even more in awe!

Link: Genome Project

Go Wonder!
~ Chammy

I had a new blog yesterday, and it disappeared, so. . .
posted Fri, 10 Dec 2004 11:29:24 -0800

Now, I am going to try this site that some members of my Circle of Shamanic Wondring companions showed me. The other place may come back, and then I will transfer those posts to here, and then start writing something new!

Anyway - welcome to Chammy's Blog (2)!


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