Monday, July 04, 2005

Anger Management Failure?

For many years, I have watched the wayward son of a close companion grow up angry and spiral down, down, down, into a seemingly bottomless sink hole of resentments and rage. He now seems to shuffle and stumble over the earth, incarnating catastrophe and crisis lifestyle everywhere he goes, no matter what he does. He spends any brief periods of relief that cycle through his life, indulging judgements and addictions.

Weirdly enough, he isn't a bit anti-social (in psychiatic terms) or criminal (in legal terms), yet he is more dishonest and cruel than many who habitually break the legal code or hatefully harm. For me, one of the most troublesome things about this man is, that he is, passively and aggressively, a nice guy, who often attempts to rescue others, and is taken advantage of even more than he manages to take advantage. Of course, as a child, he suffered much.

Whenever this fellow hooks my attention again, I ask, "What is he teaching me, now?" and when I consider all that I have learned from this guy, so far, I am always amazed to find that I am actually in his debt. For example, this seemingly unfortunate little brother is, for me, an unforgettable, up-walking-around, demonstration of the reality shifting cosmic power in thought, emotion, and feelings. Even though he seems, so far, to use these powers to defeat himself, he shows me, again and again, how effectively the system works....

One of my goals is to learn enough to turn some of the lessons inside out, and show him a way back - some way for him to turn from the worldly way of anger mismanagement, back towards new worldly way for-givingness. What a wonderful thing it would be to experience this prodigal child returning from ineffectual, frustrating wickedness, to live his divine and natural wizardry.

Spirit in me teaches that our ways out and the ways back home - and all the detours, backtracking, getting lost, giving up, and setting out again - are really hyperdimensional weavings of a magnificent, magic, membrane of Wings. Oh yes, today he has reminded me to celebrate the unlimited possiblities of Freedom Wings.


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