Saturday, July 16, 2005

Amazing Labyrinth Journey With the Friday Night Circle

'Who are you today?' (Image by
In my own time and space, I joined the Friday Night 7PM Shamanic Circle, and began my dream-journey, intending to find a Labyrinth in the otherworlds to prayer-walk more freedom and healing for a situation on my list. But when the drumming started, I was moved instead by Spirit to walk around several nearby blocks in ordinary reality, in a pattern that would transform the everyday setting into a synthesis of strange attractor and classical Labyrinth.

As I walked, I found that I could imagine and experience people on the street as companion prayer-walkers, or as shadowy figures encountered withn a confounding maze. As my dream-journeying awake continued - in plain sight yet in secret, I noticed my mind and then my heart shifting back and forth between opposite perceptions of others and the world. Sometimes the companions were mysterious, and sometimes transparent. Sometimes the shadows were scarey, and sometimes graceful.

By the time I recieved the call to return from this shamanic spiritual exercise, meditation, and prayer, and come back outside to go back inside, even the most pedestrian scenes had become amazing from all the reversals and inversions of perspective.


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