Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Travelling Companion Brings Shamrock Seeds

Last week, a circle member returned from a pilgrimage tour of sacred sites in Ireland. She brought natural gifts back for me: two little flagstone rocks from ground close to Bridget's Well, another granite-like rock from grassy land around a standing stone in the County Clare, and a small souvenir bag of Shamrock seeds.

This travelling companion was still resonating with joy this morning, and told of being baptized anew several times, in unusual ways, along this pilgrimage. Recieving tokens of her travels was like having a companion shamanist take a musical, free-soul journey, and bring back gifts from the cosmic Living Tree of otherworlds that interpermeate our universe. I am now simply waiting for blessings to unfold from these tiny, earthly, treasure chests.


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