Saturday, June 25, 2005

This Is A Test of Crabbee's Blog

Just about every member of our "small-scale, widespread" shamanic school, circle, and anchoritic order has a blog and contributes to one or more of our circle blogs. I have been blogging at ScienceBlog which is OK, yet there is no way there to customize anything, and all the member blogs get mixed together.

So, just for fun and adventure, I find myself here at Blogger. I am collecting an interesting blogroll that I want to share, for one thing, and I would like to be able to have a website to refer people to. All the members of our circle can go HOME to and help with our projects, and adding new material and links. This main website is web home to Companions Church Circle, Shamanic Shift Center, Shamanic Humorists and Optimists, and more projects and programs of our shamanic outreach.

The Shamanic Shift and Companions Church outreach is outwardly and visibly located in the cyber realms and on the eastside of Milwaukee WI. Some members of our circle still live in Milwaukee, and some newer members join us there, yet there are is now a spiraling circle of members scattering in all directions at all distances.

Another project I help with is the Shamanic Ways Links Project, which is really our circle's participation in a natural, spontaneous, worldwide linking up of shamanic practitioners, across all boundaries. I help write some of our group weblogs, too. There is a weblog linked to just about every project of our outreach and page of the main website.

There are quite a few things for me to add to the sidebar, and it might take a while.


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