Saturday, June 25, 2005

Swastika On the Front Steps of the Big Church

I knew most of the members our big church neighbor would not be attuned to the good luck vibrations of the swastika symbol that someone had spray-painted in white on the red sandstone next to the pinkish granite front steps. This is the church I wrote of earlier, that spent $30,000.00 to install a tall wrought iron circus animal cage-like grating in order to block the homeless from sleeping on one of the side entrance patios.

Yet this church also has two beautiful wild gardens that all are welcome to enjoy. I found the church office closed, but around the corner I came upon one of the maintenance workers watering the lawn so I informed him of the unauthorized signage. I kept up my remembering of good fortune, as I watched him applying a caustic chemical solvent and strong, pressurized, blasts of water to this symbol-crime.


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