Thursday, June 09, 2005

Illuminating Links

The title links to an interesting Robert Anton Wilson portal advertizing his movie MAYBE LOGIC. However, it is the MAYBE LOGIC ACADEMY links page that was lightening my yesterday afternoon. I passed that URL to one of the Milwaukee members of our circle - who remains for now a non-blogger - and he recommended that I read the ("not just for science fiction anymore") ILLUMINATUS! TRILOGY. He was surprised to hear I had not read it, so now I am reading it, even though I am still visiting NARNIA.

I hesitated for several moments, after I read that Wilson explains "the eight dimensions" of everything, for I have beginning stage knowledge of what I understand to be even more dimensions than eight, though eight is the number of the Crown of full concious self and universal knowing. After recieving a simple teaching from the Spirits, I have a rudimentary, right-brained understanding of how Wilson's eight dimensions correspond to the Everything Realms I travel in shamanic journeying. Keeping an open mind is one of the handiest shaman tricks, I remind myself - again.

I am still experiencing a great fullness in my schedule, and I have not been back to my own weblog for too long. I could stand to refresh my shamanic studies and learn more shamanic tricks for time expansion, so I could blog in my dreams.

~ Rezzee


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