Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dream Journeying Within and Beyond the SpaceTime Mirror

In daily work and play, conducting Spirit and the Spirits, I and the other known practice members of our little, widespread, spiraling circle within and around life circles, travel in all sorts of ways, behind this world's hall of mirrors. We dream and journey within, yet beyond, any situation that draws attention, resonating a call for knowledge and healing. There seems to be more to do these days, yet the best doing usually turns out to be closer to un-doing - and the paradox within un-ity.

We have one outward ministerial location - and a few cyber-realm locations - and the several of us companions covenant in solidtude, praciticing shamanic ways as Spirit moves, as open secrets, wherever we happen to be, wherever we are. Our organization is incompletely disorganized, yet that is what helps the most to keep a chalice of agreement among us, allowing Divine Fun to activate in our midst.

Every day, I am humbled and delighted to meet many covenanting circles of travelling, wondering, (intentionally) wandering companions and real shamans of every spiritual tradiation - spirit bridges and spirit carrying vessels, who are finding themselves fullfilled as they "adventure to share, ask and recieve, and recieve for giving." The kind folk of these schools and orders are being and living naturally, sacrificing self only to Self - and enjoying all things new now, whether they appear and act as fools or sages.

For now, our circle is drumming and dancing with Spirit and the Spirits in levels, realms, and dimensions of life, where sounds, lights, colors, and shapes are multiplying by dividing and dividing by multiplying, reflecting and refracting living signs and wonders everywhere. I know there is always dynamic yet profound rest in the deeps, the heights, and the center - in Understanding, Wisdom, and Knowing - and that I shall one day experience Marriage and New Life after just a little more of this youthful fun and a few more challenging games.


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