Friday, May 20, 2005

Paradox and Pandora's Box

In our School of the Fool we learn and teach the shamanic ways of the Wisefool. For me and some of the rest of us, this is a gnostic, mystic, and animist way all at once - and more. A teacher of ours liked to say, "If you want to get closer to Truth, approach any essential, spiritual paradox that jumps out at you..." and so I have been seeking out spiritual ways and traditions to study, associated with moments and events when and where I find myself suddenly face to face with essential paradox.

Little did I realize that nowadays, spiritual paradox is so popular that there is even paradox management training. Some of these advertizing websites did offer me long glimpses of paradox. Now, I understand that any paradox I encounter must be spiritual and essential, anyway - for paradox is another first cause, and building block of the universe.

I am cutting this post off here, for now, while I continue my paradoxical mystery tour. I hope to be able to finish it sooner than later...


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