Friday, April 08, 2005

The Sun is Roundabout Andromeda - Another Destination for a Dream-Journey

Andromeda was a rescued chained-to-a-rock about-to-be-devoured-by-a-sea-monster princess, and she became a ruler of men. In the sky Andromeda seems to rule two other satellite galaxies. Andromeda can be related to in shamanic dreaming as an archetypal energy-flow, a leader of a whole spirit-world team of beings of power and possiblility. As I join in tonight's 7PM Friday Circle, that outwardly and visibly convenes in Milwaukee WI, I intend to journey to Andromeda for a galaxy-sized teaching about my mission and purpose on earth.

For me, this is linked to the journey of John Paul II and today's eclipse, as a special time of journeying alone together as a shamanic church circle. Recently on the WWW, I found a covenanting traditionally celtic christian community of modern monastics that must be drawing and recieving teachings from a source-well of wisdom right next ours! The writings on covenanting, companionship, monasticism, and vows echo those of our humble order, school, and circle - except for the adamently Christian interpretation.


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