Thursday, April 07, 2005

Spiritual Practice in Ordinary Reality Everyday

Someone brought LITIGATION AS A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE by George Felos to my attention a few days ago - strongly suggesting that this book proves, in black and white, that the author, Michael Shiavo's lawyer, is a "dangerous nut case," if not a lawyer from hell. After looking through the results of a Google search on George Felos, I was moved to buy and read his book, and it has helped shift - just a little more - my understandiang about living and dying, agreement and reconciliation, cosmic and natural law and human rules, and creating a spiritual practice out of any life situation.

In our practices of everyday life shamanism, most of our small circle are turning inward, away from notorious public demonstrations, to subtle, behind the scenes shamanic ways of facilitating dying, death, and new life. We self-fund our ministries with ordinary reality jobs that many consider low-responibility, or even menial. This seems like a good way to stay in the thick of things, and put one's spiritual practice to the test of real challenges, day by day. Yet the shamans of old acted out sprititual shifts of power and possiblitiy in dramatic public performances, while living everyday life as the most outwardly successful members of their societies.

There have always been some shamans who live as society's most radical misfits. To play out the shaman-antic role, the shaman must put on a public costume and wear it from the inside out, on purpose. Sometimes I wonder if I am drifting too far out of the limelight to be truely effective in shamanic practice - but it could be that I am just passing through a hermit phase of the spiraling cycle of shamanic practice.


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