Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Our Vows of Silence

Last night, as I was reading some favorite weblogs, I became aware of a creepy, fearful, dismay reaction defusing through me, from from my toes on up - because I was realizing that the likes of us are likely to get booted out of the blogosphere for logging a grossly insufficient number of cogent, critical, cursive, cynical, or saucy copyright violating posts on our blogs. Our bloggings must seem bloggled, boggy, or soggy to many quicker witted pundits, and some of them could stumble upon our weblogs.

Around the time several of us moved apart towards all sacred directions in ordinary spacetime, and kept the shamanic ministry open here in Milwaukee WI, we recieved donations earmarked for putting us online. So, we expanded what has become a home website to our church-circle's projects and related groups (named for the real Shamantic! The Wise, a non-ordinary Teacher, spirit-world team leader, and more) And we started a variety of groups and weblogs to collect thoughts, brainstorm, and study together around topics of interest, in a covenant of solitude and companionship. Shamanic blogging is one way we form intentions, shift attention, and express blessing and wonder.

It has been a great blessing and good fortune that two of the original Companions Church Circle members have some IT knowledge, though not a great deal of extra time. I had already set up my life to have the time to coordinate an outward and visible ministry, yet back when we got the computer and internet service, even turning it on and connecting were challenges for me.

After more of us took up vows - or spiritual exercises - including silence (lived in various weird ways, original and drawn from other traditions), the groups and weblogs provided open spaces for creative expression. It came as quite a shock when others actually joined the groups and read what we were writing. We went through a period of cultivating links and connections, and now we are back to linking, whether anyone links back or not. As part of the vow of silence, we do not blog criticism and debunking of others and their work - unless it shows up as a generic detail in a transformational or humorous story.

The vow of silence allows and encourages expressions of blessing, humor-restoration, prayer-intervention, and the telling of wonders, shamanic shifts, and questing stories. (Only unnecessary and loathsome speech are totally forbidden.)


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