Saturday, April 02, 2005

Journeying for a Fool's Errand

I journeyed for a Fool's Errand from Spirit and the Spirits. Most of the online definitions state a fool's errand to be a fruitless endeavor, but I know that this is a definition stated in this world's terms only. The given mission must be both wise, though perhaps unwittingly so, and fruitful in a beautiful way. The intent of the journey was to recieve a shaman-antic escapade to benefit the whole universe, for, in addition to the usual April Fools' Day pranks, we celebrate the holiday as April Fool's Day in honor of the singular, archtypical, Holy, and yet Wise Fool.

On my shamanic journey I recieved this silly assignment for the week: Brighten three days with Fool's Gold! I was not given more specific instructions than that by Spirit and the Spirits, yet already some good ideas and images are simmering and shimmering in this head. Someone else was instructed to locate and return a Fool's fool to the Way of Truth.


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