Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Earth Day - Any Day and Every Day

I just learned that there is a controversy concerning Earth Day. I was saying to myself, and I have read it around the web, that everyday is Earth Day and then I found out that there is indeed another organization promoting the original International Earth Day on March 21st, at the Vernal Equinox. Tonight, as I join with the Friday Night Shamanic Shift Center Circle, I am going to journey on for an Earth Day shift I can make in my ways to help me stay awake to the wilderness of everyday, whether today is the correct geophysical or governmentally official Earth Day or not. I celebrated the gifts of Earth on the Vernal Equinox this year, too, yet I had indeed forgotten about the original Earth Day.

I rounded another bend on my researching quest for clever websites and online medicine bags of passed-down knowledge, and started wondering if I had not stumbled into the ultimate cyber-source for mystics! Although I am helping to collect websites to link to from our School of the Fool, and add to the Shamanic Ways Links Project bookmark list, I have had trouble getting myself to blog anything much lately. When I find a website like Mystical World Wide Web, I am inspired yet humbled. Then, a question comes up in me for consideration: Why continue to plug away at our humble efforts to teach shamanic ways and link resources up - when bigger, better, impressive examples surround us?

Our little circle of peregrine shamanic companions is here on earth right now to study, pray, and play the ways of the shaman-fool, and assist with shamanic shifts during these interesting times. So we are creating our physical and online study halls and sanctuaries to help ourselves link to whatever is helpful and good. I have a way of forgetting that the few of us agreed a while ago, to stop attending and flowing energy after seeking recognition and prominence among shamanic organizations.

"If it isn't fun, it isn't free, unifying, or new, now!" says one of our circle's Old Wise Ones.


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