Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Big Church Around the Corner Installed a Tall Iron Gate

A big church right around the corner from our little (rented) shamanic sanctuary space and office recently installed an immense wrought iron gate to block the side doorway, pourch, and steps where a few homeless individuals used to take refuge and rest most nights, throughout the warmer seasons. I was in town for a short visit today, and and I took a walk around the neighborhood, and when I saw that strange, tall, closed, structure, I couldn't help but remark to the church gardener how much it reminded me of an old fashioned zoo cage. The gardener replied that he didn't like the gate at all, and hastened to add that it had cost $30,000.00 - and that a member of the congregation had donated the money especially for the cause.

Here is the funny story of what happened later on: Someone put a huge, old, beaten up, stuffed toy giraffe inside this enclosure with its head sticking through the bars, and left a black and white block-lettered cardboard sign leaning against the bars that said HEY, ITS FEEDING TIME! (I didn't do it.)

Here is another silly story.


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