Sunday, March 20, 2005

Rezzee Stays At Home for Shamanic Adventure

I belong to a small and widespread shamanic circle and order whose members might adventure the world but usually stay wherever home is to question, quest, and encounter challenges. Most (of the several) of us are public, yet not publicized. We do our shamanizing in the secret place of prayer and/or act out the weird shamanic role of the jester or fool in ordinary and extraordinary ways.

There are shamanic practitioners right in my city who lead tours of faraway places for that include shamanic instruction, vision questing, and challenge. Even though I have already travelled through many lands, I did experience the most significant adventures within a 10 mile radius of this chair and the urban neighborhood around this old house.

Today, a woman came to talk with me for a while and she was thrilled to tell about plans to fly away from here for two weeks to a rainforest to study with indigenous shamans (she showed me a little postcard with the information listed on it) and it reminded me of a few wonderful weeks of enchantment I was blessed to spend in a more temperate rain forest environment on the Pacific Northwest Coastal Rain Forests. I might journey tonight to an experienced shaman in a rainforest, somewhere in the world, and in my dreams, to recieve assistance in finding passage to places of peace and healing for a troubled woman and her troubled family.

Some days I journey out of the doorway of this place, and consult in a peculiar way with indigent shamans!


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