Friday, March 25, 2005

On the Wheels of Life We Can Resonate Concious Choice

The book on the sidebar, THE WHEEL OF DESTINY by Patricia McLain has been around a while. It is a good manual for the B.O.T.A. Tarot (that some of our circle members travel shamanically) and a good beginner's guide to the Tarot Wheel of Life, another way of voyaging the way of the shaman as the shaman-fool. Just as most members of our school use photographs as symbols and signs, in meditations and art (rather than as frozen facimilies of living beings), we teach attention to the difference between divination and fortune-telling in considering the powerful, wanding, energy-flow patterns of the Tarot Keys.

And, as we teach ways of wondering and wandering in as many levels and dimensions of souls, ages, and realms as possible, we do our foolish best not to take any of the doctrines of the ageless wisdom only literally. Although Patricial McLain seems to lapse in and out of a new agey literalism, her book contains plenty of profound insights and ideas for resonating the Tarot in one's life.

Today on the western Christian Good Friday, I am considering wheels and crossroads of Life. I must be ready for the next turn of the spiral dance through the labyrinth!


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