Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Fungi and the Rest Continue the Jest

There has been tricky controversy over the date of Easter since Christians started celebrating Ostara. A few of us have just been jesters all these whiles, in many houses of the court of the sovereign self. Now, as always we are perigrinating the universe, still on the way into the holy city, companioned by trustworthy, trusting, sacrificing assistants from the animal, vegetable, and mineral realms - and the fungi of the cosmos! Fun cannot die.

Libraries of secret ageless wisdom and prophesy and rebirthed versions of it have been published to the world throughout the last century. Many who recover these archives, from ordinary and non-ordinary sources, seem to be attempting to interest and awaken the sleeping masses by informing everyone that fourth dimensional reptilians or chosen groups of rainbow people have been keeping the wisdom secret or preserving it for various reasons - to keep earth under slavery or to reveal it when the time is right. It is a real shaman trick not to take any teachings only literally - but to take them any way one can - to wonder and wander all the levels and dimensions of reality, light, darkness, number, symbol, archetype, myth, and dream. Another trick is using humor to make a companion of threshold guardian, shadow, trickster, or anyone standing in the way.

The religions, mainstream and new-age alike, are more critically humor deprived than ever, still warring over dogma and dates - about heaven and hell, or holidays and the end of the world. Yet small bands of unsual peripatetic clowns are still journeying the the crossroads of reality, entertaining yet awakening one or two here and there, waiting for the spiraling of the final spacetime moment before riding into the holy city of Aloha and Shalom!


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