Thursday, March 03, 2005

Alchemy: Absolute Originality and True Companionship

Shamanic ways are always original ways alchemized within the one-of-a-kind container of sacred covenant (after the first two or three tricks of the trade are borrowed from a companion-teacher - and customized). A life-long shamanic apprentice may enthusiastically study the whole variety of alchemical methods and magical technologies, and cherish the wisest teachings of sages about numbers, proportions, symbols, and archetypes - and consider long lists and huge tables of traditional correspondences among creatures, metals, and elements, and memorise or master many ritual incantations and gestures - yet all shamans must go empty during the (eternally now) moments of divining and healing. All shamanic intervention unfolds and flows, danced by Spirit and the Spirits, inside each absolutely fresh, universal moment at hand. Spirit and the spirits may naturally put to good use in the dreaming, whatever has been studied, remembered, and embodied, but no set diagnosis or dogma will ever automatically apply to more than one patient or situation - except, by the invoking the loophole of true companionship, for no medicine can be more powerful than companionship, and all medicines include it as the most vital ingredient!

If individual, direct, revelatory experiences have been recorded, published, and ritualized, within a cultural, religious, and traditional context, then original, shamanic intervening (by one, two, and three or more circled around) is mutating into shamanistic or priestly canonized religious mediation. These symbols and gestures may still generate, hold, and release spiritual power great enough to actvate miracles, however - and much goodness can still be recieved through them. During times like these, a few wizards, artists, poets, and clowns tend the fires of original shamanic alchemy, in many hidden waysides, near the crossroads of everyday life. The unceasing shamanic circle everywhere is always meeting somewhere - wherever two or three (or more) agree to join in!

Here is an interesting alchemy website to explore, anyway! The teachings from such places can be used for entering amazement, and stirring up wonder - and wondering is one way to stay in a shamanic states of conciousness for a blessed while, ready to recieve gifts from Spirit and the spirits.


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