Saturday, March 12, 2005

After the Ice - A More and More Pleasant Thought

The title AFTER THE ICE: A GLOBAL HUMAN HISTORY by Steven Mithen, caught my eye yesterday on a magazine page - since we are now experiencing a pattern of snow meltdowns, snow showers, followed by more gleaming, icy days. I had been dreaming of the warmer days that come after the real spring thaw, when one knows the winter snow and ice are finally gone for the warm season. For many folks there were but two yearly seasons, summer and winter, and summer officially began in March, the season of love, and potholes in the streets, and work crews tearing up the roads to fix them!

I just started reading AFTER THE ICE, this new anthropological consideration of what earth's pre-histories might have been like in everyday life, after the glaciers were really out of the picture for some longer whiles. I can already tell that rigorous scholarship is behind Mithen's account, and this book is written in an imagination activating way.

There are many occasions to celebrate in March, I have found! I like to have as many Holy Days and New Years Days as possible (anytime) and, of course there have been many terrestial, lunar, and celestial centered festivations in March, as far back as humankind can remember - especially throughout the ages of seasonal cycles we have enjoyed since the last times (22,000 to 7000 years ago) the glaciers melted!


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