Monday, February 21, 2005

States of Fear - Time to Journey On

There are healthy ways to flow all emotion - even fear. Fear can be a signal that something needs to shift in ordinary reality, lest it become more of a danger than a teacher or initiator - more of a nightmare than a creative dream.

If I fear anything about global warming, it is the social and mental patterns or habits we seem to be getting stuck in, of more and more gutless and heartless arguing and line-drawing. The recent global warming fuss seems like more arguing mainly for the sake of arguing - on all sides - and appears to me to have more to do with attention-seeking and political strategizing than actual fear flowing. This acting and acting out on the parts of so many (including the "psycic," new age," and "4th dimension" really Sirius stuff) - could well be more of the initiatory work of the Trickster - who carries on his efforts secretly and faithfully, for the sake of us all.

Trickster is one of our greatest teachers of how to know and live real beauty, truth - and freedom on earth. So, what are the real lessons behind the scientific (and para-scientific) news-bleats about global warming? For the shaman, there would be messages from spirit and the spirits coming from all over - and the more popularly recieved messages would not necessarily be the most significant or complete.

For the practicer of contemporary shamanism, there are many both-and/all-of-the-above ways to recieve information from spirit and the spirits, through dreaming and journeying deeper and deeper between the lines of the daily news. Maybe some are being moved by spirit to do the hand-wringing dance and wake some others up so they can dream again. Then, maybe some others will recieve a call to wake them up again - before they get stuck in a nightmare, and dream up the end of the world!


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