Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Daily Science and Fantasy

The title links to Science Daily, which I came to early this morning while I was looking for nature weblogs. Everyday I wait eagarly for updates on several fields of scientific exploration. Yet I have just begun a "second life" re-reading of the fantastical THE CHRONICALS OF NARNIA by C.S. Lewis. I have understood since childhood that original, radical, artists and storyers are the weird, powerful, wounded, healing, shamans of these current times. Whether they open themselves to spirit and the spirits on purpose, or live tormented by "shaman's sickness" in spite of themselves, unpretentious shamans all over the world keep dreaming and awakening new things for everyone, helping more and more travelers remember their own ways to true hearts' desires.

My most ecstatic shamanic experiences arise during (outsider) artwork, when I engage in ceremonies of spontaneous play with nature-spirits, or surprise me during periods of interior awe, when I sit silently before this screen and contemplate the ingenuity of the human spirit. Nowadays, I am rarely inclined to read the fantasies of others, probably because I enjoy my own so frequently - yet now spirit and the spirits are nudging me towards another tour of Narnia. It has been 20 years (or so) since I last read any of the Narnia stories, and I am finding this timeline overview for the tales interesting:


Many worlds of worlds unfold and end within every single lifetime! I am more facinated than ever by sacred numbers, shapes, proportions, and timeframes. Maybe I will find interesting juxtapositions and resonances among all these things, as I go deeper into this new Narnia journey. Maybe new or hidden details will be revealed to me in dreams, as I go along!

Chammy posted a short, sweet message - in Shaman Fools at Yahoo!! So, go wonder.


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