Monday, January 10, 2005

Shamanic Humor as a Way to Shift Conciousness and Reality

There is some exciting shamanic play and work being dreamed and danced around humor and performance as an original (yet always new) way to shamanically shift conciousness in the middleworlds, or enter the shamanic realms that permeate our spacetime fabric - all while going about everyday contemporary life scenarios, clothed in our ordinary costumes and guises. Or, our ordinary costumes can be "tweeked" a bit, or a lot - for intentional effect!

The radical, recreative practice of intentional humor is an ancient meta-tradition among spiritual traditions, because it is one (usually) pleasant, natural, simple, yet extremely profound, way to approach the mysterious, eternally present and momentary state of no-thingness that lives and gives, under all mundane things of our historical realities. Absolutely anything, no matter the probablility, CAN happen to any individual, place, or thing (no matter what size) that is taken - for even a split nanomoment - into that great no-thingness and back! And laughter is one way almost anyone can learn to do this. Even though a relentless, radical, shamanic humor practice will involve costs, most certainly bring fear-facing challenges from TRICKSTER and one's own SHADOW, the rewards of perservering on this way are bright and infinite!


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