Monday, January 24, 2005

Science and Shamanic Ways

A few of us have started the Shamanic Links Project - as our small-scale wavy particular harmonious resonating with the worldwide remembering of shamanic awareness and cosmic renewing of consciousness of the singular and universal interconnections everywhere. Our effort is a low-tech, simple, collecting of interesting shamanic websites, weblogs, "blogs," and shamanism sections of larger, more sophisticated links directories - meant to contribute and complement (not compete).

Teal and Chammy's Calendrics blog includes lists of science and spiritual science websites for continued ordinary reality questing, questioning, and wondering. At Shamanic Shift Center we practice core and cross-cultural shamanic ways, along with many diverse shamanic ways as we come upon them in our daily travels.

One new/old way to shift consciousness and enter non-ordinary realms of Spirit and the spirits that we are enjoying researching is WONDER! Blessing and sacred humor are two other modern, everyday, ordinary, and original ways of shamanic shifting we are exploring. We say to all: Happy adventuring, wherever you are!


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