Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Individuality and Singularity

The book of this week, 9 1/2 MYSTICS by Herbert Weiner, is all about modern Jewish mysticism, yet it has a great many teachings about the importance of individual direct revelation, and the absolute singularity of each event-moment of life. These are themes many of us pay attention to in our shamanic adventuring "way of wondering" all the realms of living and being.

In physics, a singularity is a theory-confounding place where "normal" expectations and laws, as we understand those thoughts and things, cease to apply - because a "bigger picture" is mysteriously being touched in such territories (perhaps, probably). The most amazing singularity is said to be the universe itself - when (in a when, way before "when") ALL existed (or not!) in one quantum-sized fluctuating zero-point! In psychotechnology, singularity refers to the ultimate possible achievements of ordinary-reality technology, in either enhancing or replacing human beings as the peak lifeform on earth! Many in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Synthetic Life, and Transhumanist Psychology express the view that this marvel of Singularity (whatever it is) will synthesise soon into exsistance, for good or ill, and then everyone will have to live with it, or die with it.

In our wondering shamanic way, we dream and journey - each according to his/her own medicines of experience - to touch individuality to singularity in as many ways as possible - and return to story and dance it - without being ASSIMILATED! This is how we each accomplish our little pieces of restoring freedom and remembering unity, right here and now - alone, as companions.


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