Tuesday, January 04, 2005

EpiCenters of Shamanic Shifting

At our school of shamanic ways we do not certify "shamanism experts," but we might be able to certify you as a "shamanic wonderer" and list you as another shamanic shifting center point on our glowing and growing wider "connect the dots" circle of shamanic companions. You might even qualify to be added to our unofficial directory of Shamanic Humorists and Optimists! The title of this blog is a link to our home website - click over for a visit! We are founded and certfied by Spirit and the spirits - each as is, and living the best, moment to moment.

This center of shamanic shifting and school of shamanic ways and mysteries is almost unadvertized - by todays standards. But now, as an adventure for this new year, we are linking up to more and more places on the cyberspace web, and connecting in new realms of the "blogosphere" that seems to be expanding everywhere. A special project for some of us is seeking and searching more ways to greet and meet unsung contemporary shamanic practicers, especially the wanderers and wonderers with humor-restoring gifts! In 2004, our organizing and sponsorship of three local Meetup.com groups and two Yahoo Groups brought a few new members around - so we will see how much farther we can branch out this year.

Most of the websites for contemporary shamanic practice are mostly promoting a certain author/workshop presenter - and most of these that I have visited are good enough versions of contemporary shamanic ways. At our school we differ in emphasising the teaching, that each new shamanic practicer recieves her/his unique medicine directly from Spirit and the spirits, no matter what workshops are completed and what books are read. Teachings that are recieved directly from Spirit and the spirits are the most powerful, and all the rest is but a good beginning, and a matrix of reference points and light-threads!


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