Monday, January 17, 2005

Alternative Web Directory

None of our circle members' weblogs or any of the weblogs submitted by any of us has ever been added to the DMOZ Project "open-source" directory - and I notice that most of my own favorite shamanic websites, and even the most respected shamanic organizations are not listed there either! There isn't much, if anything, new lately in the shamanism catagory at the Yahoo Directory, either, and the Geocities directory is exciting, wide-open, and - and just slightly dangerous (some x-rated sites in disguise, hiding for ambush)! I decided to look at "shamanism directories" within links-directories that came up in a Google search. As I voyaged around the results, I found that a certain amount of "politcal correctness" seems to be in effect - besides page rank - in the determining of what is getting listed.

Then I came upon an interesting website and directory, called, that readily accepts new listings. I came to the SpiritHit Project on the second or third page of my search, and registered, just to see if I could submit a website or two, or three. So far, there are but several listings in the shamanism catagory. There are many cross-referenced catagories, all related to religion and spirituality, and connecting religion and spirituality with philosophy, art, and science. The news section is looking for volunteer editors, too, but that section of SpiritHit is still under construction. There are free and paid listings, and what I submitted for free showed up on the site quickly. One of the most refreshing and interesting features of SpiritHit is the wide variety of catagories and types of websites listed - even "scientific pantheism" has a catagory of its own, and websites, organizations, media, and weblogs are included! The SpiritHit Project appears to have a great and exciting potential for linking folk of faith and kin of dreams.

Maybe "scientfic panentheism" would be a subcatagory to suggest, if I ever get to be an editor at SpiritHit. I don't know what I would call the catagory that Shamanic Shift Center and Companions Church Circle could easily fall into! We say we practice animism, gnosis, and intention - and we do our best to cover that territory in the areas of science and art, as well as philosophy and religion. I suppose all true "shamanic types" would require a separate catagory, since direct individual experience is one of the main features of this way of ways.


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