Thursday, December 23, 2004

Welcome To Rezzee's Blog (Again!)

I began Rezzee's blog at another blogging site but they kept having "issues" to deal with, and my posts were getting lost in the "unknown zone" just about every other time I blogged. Since I already contribute to some team-effort weblogs here at Blogger with other Shamanic Shift circle members , I quickly talked myself into deleting everything I could over at the other place. Shamantic! The Wise, a shamanic teacher and traveling companions copied, pasted, and preserved the little bits I had written, so far. I abandoned that first attempt at Rezzee's blog, and now I am starting all over again here!

What about that other place - one of those places where you are not allowed to delete your own blog? It seemed pretty good, except for the complications with "issues" and I had been thinking pretty well of them otherwise.

I have to make a few administrative decisions about this new "Rezzee's Blog" so I will keep this first post short and experimental!

Update: I am still playing with the template here! My knowledge of html and other scripts is still rudimentary but I am having fun! I want to tell my shamanic adventures in my own way in this blog when it is fully up and running. I haven't yet decided how to set this weblog apart from the others here at Blogger and elsewhere that I now and then contribute to or distinguish what I offer here from the other individual blogs of the teachers and circle members of our shamanic school. It appears that several of us are shamanically journeying and dreaming through the blogosphere nowadays - and why not?!

A lot of everyday people, places, and events catch my attention, and I find every moment of the "ordinary" full of the magic of Spirit and the spirits, no matter what! I am not saying that I am always able to fully appreciate all the gifts from Spirit and the spirits, yet I can at least KNOW how much I am recieving, most of the time!


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