Thursday, December 09, 2004

Turning Wayward Attention to Luna the Orca at the Approach of a New Moon

Luna the lively Orca is getting quite a bit of press recently and a lot of attention. All of this cetacean energy flowing has shifted my attention, and reminded me - just in time - of the special "last" New Moon of this year-go-round, a blessed commotion that is happening - almost - right now. This years last New Moon comes on December 11th. Then, the Thirteenth Full Moon is expected on December 26th and another betwixt and between few celebratory days of spacetime.

URL: Luna's Story - human version!

The lone, unknown singing whale with the oddest song, featured in yesterdays news updates started this seasonal shift for me. The moon is an effective reminder for me, when I am paying close attention to the events of here and now happening in the sky and on earth - so I have been journeying to Whale and Orca and some of their deep night ocean companions!

URL: Lone whale story in Yahoo News

These giant companions are faithful, hopeful keepers of many vast secret vibrating, resonating gifts!

The earth is drawing closest to the sun during this dark season of wonderful (hidden and obvious) lights - and just when we can begin to notice the often longed-for lengthening of our winter daylights, within the 53rd week of this year, that Thirteenth moon is fullest, too!

And I say with Chammy: Go wonder. . .Wonders (and blessings) never ever cease!


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