Tuesday, December 21, 2004

There Is No Time But The Present - So Go Wonder A Little Longer!

Like shamans, scientists on the frontiers of quantum and astronomical (relativistic) physics comprehend dimensions of time and space beyond and behind the scales and frameworks of everyday experience. Though they reach farther and farther beyond usual limits, toward dimensions beyond the human experiences of space and time, they never quite touch the shamanic realms. The scientists' ways are further and further refined, but remain a universe or two or three away from even the river that is all around here and now, and between us and the boundaries of worlds within and beyond!

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At our shamanic school, however, we begin to study all the sciences and do our best to keep up with the latest, greatest discoveries in as many fields as possible. We know that shamanic experience can never oppose higher reason and scientifically tested findings, and rather must complement science and reason, whenever the biggest picture is revealed, no matter what temporary appearance of contradiction there now seems to be. Yet, the main reason we study the external sciences is for the wonder of it - because, as one of our companions was just writing, wonder is another effective and delightful way to enter the shamanic states of conciousness!


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