Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Season of Miraculous Lights - Meteoric Reminders of the Guiding Star

There were meteoric reminders, hidden for some, showering for others, of each one's true guiding star in the heavens within and the heavens around! This has been one of the best Yule - Hanukkah - Christmas - and much more (!) seasons for me ever - so far! I say that every year. I am learning more, at my ambling, sidewinding, crawling pace. . .

URL: Guiding Star Carol - I heard some of the subtler meanings possible!

URL: Google search on Kwanza

There are a few shamanic shifting and dreaming saintly beings I would like to suggest for the calendar project - Donkey, Goose, Camel, Elephant, Wild Turkey, Ox, and many of the relations of Ox. Good old Crabby is really reaching out and up for the stars, these days! I have been considering starting my own blog, too, called HEY, LET CRABBY SPEAK! or something like that, but I haven't yet!

~ Crabby


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