Thursday, December 30, 2004

Our Spin Was Sped Up the Other Day, and Our Days Became Shorter

It appears that planet-sized messages from deep within are moving and shaking the "meme-o-fied," mundane, membranous, surface of reality we ordinarily live on! Some scientists are saying that the latest disaster-generating earthquake may have wobbled the whole world enough to shorten our days by a couple of seconds. Before this Indonesian quake shook things up so much, an earlier earthquake was reported to have trembled the undersea territories off the coast of Australia. That first earthquake shook my attention loose from some trivial matters, and started me wondering about profounder topics. This was just a day or so before the Indonesian quake and tsunami hooked my attention all over again. I remember thinking how strange it was that an 8.4 quake could rock and roll along the bottom of the ocean without stirring up trouble. I had an uneasy feeling and a nagging thought that there were already more shifts coming from somewhere.

Ever since the tsunami washed over all that land and all those homes full of people, I have been joining shamanic and other spiritual practitioners all over the earth in searching around these events for restoration, healing, relief, and knowledge of what this and closely linked events could be telling about a bigger picture. I think we generate and choose, and we all generate and choose together, among many possible pictures and meanings, and that this is what shakes things in other dimensions - and can open up ways for new dreams and new life.


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