Friday, December 10, 2004

New: Recommended Book-of-the-Week

We have decided to vote each week on a recommended book to feature on this weblog's sidebar. Not all of the books will be about shamanic ways, but this one is. "The World Is As You Dream It" is a true tale of shamanic adventure and dreamchanging, by former corporate executive John M. Perkins, who shapeshifted years ago into a noted shamanist and environmentalist. "The World Is As You Dream It" is one of John Perkins' earlier books, yet quite recently, several of our members were remembering and discussing the many dramatic examples of shamanic dreamchanging that unfold in this account. Not all of us agree about the techniques and theory of shamanic dreamchanging, but "The World Is As You Dream It" does vividly show how changing one's dream really changes one's inner and outer environment! And, because it is not another "how to" book, there are no set formulas and rituals to distract.


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