Sunday, November 28, 2004

What Was Happening In Sunny Milwaukee At The Airport?

Everything went very smoothly all afternoon at Milwaukee at General Mitchell International Airport! We were looking out the window of "C" Concourse on a sunny, clear, crisp day watching the human beings! There were a few more travelers than usual, but the security lines didn't back up anywhere, not even a little. There were storms in the Sierras that were causing delays.

Why were so many folks looking confused and glum today? There seemed to be whole families of travelers almost sleepwalking around - with eyes squinting, mouths open, heads scanning slowly to and fro, still unable to comprehend any of the signs! Many people did stop to study an overhead electric arrival/departure sign - a new-fangled-dangle multi-colored electric sign that is rarely updated, and therefore worse than no sign at all. (One day this sign listed all flights "on time" while the airport was closed for two hours by a lake-effect mini-blizzard.) One by one, individuals regarded the fancy sign, and woke up just enough to furrow their brows in perplexity - reality (out the big window) was not matching what was written in those authoritative-looking (garish) red and green lights!

Folks took cell phones away from their ears long enough to turn to a stranger standing nearby and ask, "Hey, how come it says. . .?" or something like that. There were as many "shoulds" and "rediculouses" flying around as there were airplanes! An airport skycap anwered some of the questions, and said "Oh, don't believe anything you see on that sign. It is usually half wrong!" When someone asked the skycap how he knew the flight information, he said, "Oh, I just know what to look for with my eyes - right out that window there!"

Human beings seem to have been designed to think on their feet and relish adventure - yet many have taken on the habit of looking for signs of authority to follow. Many keep saying they are sick of the "same old same old" - then rail at any absurdity they come across in their questing! Well, it is all part of the fun.


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