Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Way To All Realms Of The Real - Your Life Here And Now!

The several of us here now are not about to let the Leonids of 2004 "disappoint" us, or the cloudy night sky rain on any of the earthly and celestial living parades taking place all over everywhere. There is always something interesting to view, if we pull aside drab curtains from our windows, and crack open the doorways of anywhere, even a bit! The seed-sized opening to the strait and narrow way is the whole HERE and NOW of heaven on universal earth - the way of the truth at the center source of each and every waving particle of life, breathing and moving enthusiastically through the serpentine, cavernous, labyrithine, mountainous, spiraling way of the Tree of Knowing Life! (Every time I remember to peer through my window-icon at the city scenes and scenarios, I am simply amazed, and then moved to venture out - and I usually gather some precious momentos for creating sculptures or collages!) One of the greatest shamans taught that each day contains a great fullness of lessons and challenges - each day is every quantum leap of here and now! NOW = No Other Way.


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