Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Here Is A Northern Lights Sighting Site - NORDLYS - Northern Lights

Here is a great site about the Northern Lights! Has anyone done any shamanic journeying and dreaming for special knowledge and healing/revealing power from this wonderful event? It feels like a special encouragement from Spirit and the spirits, and from the Mystery and the Conciousness. Tonight I intend to take a journey for whatever blessingness, goodness, and fun I can bring back for everyone!

NORDLYS - Northern Lights

Here is another URL for web-travel to a picture of the current event with a few more links:


This can all go into the Shamanic Shifting Spacetime Spiral Temple project, too! Today, the pre-dawn morning was clear here for watching an ordinary reality reflection of great cosmic energies covenanting within and beyond, in a companionable "shamanic circling around" of Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Spica, and the Moon in our little skies!

Light And Night Blessings On Our Way Of All Ways, Always!
~ Shamantic! The Wise


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