Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Happy Days Of Dead - And Of All Living Ancestors And Founders!

Greetings To The Companions!

Here is another reason for our special remembering celebrations of the companions' covenant of the "living dead" this season! For the past several days, the wind, blowing wherever it would, has done all that it could to blow the remaining leaves off the trees - and make them into reminders of those strange, giant dancing skeleton-puppets and garish black, white, and red clowns looming wildly over amazed children in a Days of the Dead parade! After the winds blowing, then came the rains flowing! If I see any leaves left dangling up in the trees tomorrow, when I venture forth by the lessening lights of day, I shall think of that as another small miracle. As our dear companion Chammy says, "Wonders never cease!" (I've been quoting our Chammy all day!)

SpaceTimes Of Good Cheer To All!
~ Rezzee


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