Friday, October 15, 2004

Squirrels, Another Stick, A Mask, And A Meaning Full Moon

Ever since I helped a lost baby squirrel, the neighborhood squirrels feel free to come right up close - this afternoon, two of them came and sniffed my feet and then just stood there, looking up into my eyes! Then, I realized that it was time to go back inside and bring out some nuts and seeds for them, so I did.

I wonder if I will be able to see the old night dragon sky on October 27th, eating that dreaming, fire rekindling moon from here! I know there are many ways to name a moon, and when this moon is eaten, it might remind of a death and dismemberment followed by resurrection! This is the 8th month, by an earlier way of reckoning - maybe it will be a month of magical spirals circling beyond all known realms, into infinity!

One and two, or three, or more circling around an intention is another way to "pray without ceasing" since a circle is unbroken and has no ending. And circles are also labyrinths and spirals.

I found another weathered, worm-eaten stick and started to both decorate it and strenthen it with gold colored wire. Next, I will stick special seasonal reminders from nature inbetween the wire twists and turns and see if it looks good enough to stand at the front door!

At the shaman-antics playshop-circle this first October Sunday, I continued working on a mask that just does not want to be finished! So far, this has been facinating interplay of proportions, and I am still not ready to glue anything down! I was not the only one thus engaged, of the few of us. It is OK for now, if only a few people attend the Shamanic Shift Center circles and workshops, and it will be great when more start joining us for fun!

~ A.S.Q.
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