Friday, August 27, 2004

Transfiguration Vision Of Winged Seeds!

Here already is autumn, the season for the harvesting of whatever crops have been sown, watered, and tended all year, and for the visioning of new transfiguration possibilities in the life we have lived, nourished, and dreamed up until now. The fall of the year, is when I most vividly experience the awesome turning of the Wheels of Medicine, Life, the Stars, and Fortune! While the farmers and gardeners reap first fruits and begin to gather in the heavier, earthy seeds, I know from my watery eyes and sneezes that myriads of winged seedships, both visible and invisible, have been launched into last of summer's breeses, for Spirit to blow where Spirit will blow! At the center of the Cosmos, within yet beyond here and now, the eternal I (and me) must already know that the whole Universe is one shining winged seed, and not even the littlest bit of wind scattered "chaff" is lost, after all is unfolded and is once more enfolded. Every autumn, the "little, hidden me" goes through an automatic, autonomic, allergic crying over the endings within the beginnings of life in ordinary reality. But the self of wisdom and understanding within shows me bigger dreams of the ultimate starseed schooner. Behold! - A "galaxy class" flying wing, powered by sunlight, starlights, and even moonwaves is navigating the multidimensions of living and being, voyaging all realms (collecting the most exotic and precious cargo of seeds of all kinds, more numerous as seashore sands!) and coming to land, at last - and resting on purpose - at the next perfect place for releasing even more of this FUN! The harvesting festival of that year of light-years will resonate night and day, a dazzling dark and light jubilee of jubilees rattling, drumming, ringing, and singing out of the wonderous ultimate seedpod of the safely landed, purposely planted, starfaring monarch-winged ark. And then all the songs and stories of the heavenly city called Earth/Universe will be danced new again, and all things will be new again!


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