Monday, August 02, 2004

Journey To The Sacred West

Our mini-workshop Sunday started a couple of hours later than planned, and we took a look at the shamanic realms, starting from the West. We teach that each individual's wheels of life will have its own character, and we shared some teachings we have encountered and compared them with our own versions. There was rattling, drumming, singing, and dancing, and a time of sharing before the journeying, concerning intentions, for individuals and the community.

My journey was a shock! Visits to lower, upper, and middle realms centered around a middleworld family tragedy that occured recently in Milwaukee, and touched many other lives in ways that were noticed right away - not after a while, upon reflection. It was an opportunity to deal with Death, as a trickster teacher and jester, and I was given a vision of Death with the disguises removed! This was a long journey, and it ranged over this world, backwards and fowards in time, and into many layers of the shamanic upper and lower realms.

As I travelled, I was given gifts, tools, and powers to bring back. I was told to create a piece of shamanic art to ground the healings and blessings of the journey. I was allowed to ask if I could do a dance instead of producing a piece of art, and I was told I could do the dance, and do the artwork, (but postpone the artworking, for a while, until I was ready). The helping spirits gave me something for another person, who is visiting for counseling this week. While I was in the West, in a middleworld scenario, I asked for several small to medium sized miracles. . .

Concerning the miracles, Trickster Death told me what I usually get told about miracles when I ask for some! But there was a beautiful smile on the face of Death, as we parted!


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