Sunday, July 04, 2004

What Does It Mean - My Browser Might Need Adjusting?

Is it really my browser that needs adjusting when I can't find a familiar page, that I know I have found many times? How am I inviting virus infections or robotic takeover, or breaking my own links? What has summoned this unwelcome apparition: the generic "cannot be found" screen? It is always a matter of attitude, mood, and energy flow! My browser settings must indeed need adjusting if I am not seeing what I want! If I am seeing only black and white before me on this mind-screen, and no FUN can be found no matter what universal reality link I try, it is time to clear my own cookies, and adjust some habitual settings, before I continue my life browsing adventure!


Friday, the Worthship (Funity!) Circle met in a nearby garden, for a short, sweet, time. There were three of us in attendance, at first glance. Perhaps, the wee, buzzing, flying folk could be included (if not counted), as well as the ant-folk, and the many, many, more living beings who made us aware of their beautiful, tiny, meditations, blessings, and dances! Tonight, another small-scale gathering will celebrate Independence Day, and ceremonially construct a simple artifact, as inspired by Life Spirit, the Spirit of Freedom and Unity ringing!



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