Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Wonders And Signs Of June 2004!

There was a special D.A.W.N. celebration of the Venus passage across the Sun, that Tuesday morning, early, June 8th. This was also the anniversary of Companion T.S.M.'s passing from earth-life, after a mostly concious, holy, healing, death-offering of himself! There is a sense, this June, with all its wonders, that now Tom is shifting over to even newer life, after finishing some tasks closer to Earth, with the help of the competent ancestral-spirit teacher who appeared, as answer to my prayer, that other June morning at the hospital. It was difficult, this June 8th, due to clouds, and other weather, to see much detail of the special, once or twice in a lifetime Venus sun-journey, but we got glimpses, and did some singing and dancing for spiritual victories, everywhere! Then, this past Monday, June 28th, in the even earlier morning, there was an earthquake, centered in northern Illinois, that some of us felt here! There is, indeed, a lot of shifting going on, all over the wide world, in our backyard world, and in our personal worlds! Growing up in northern California, I got used to thinking, "Oh, its just another tremor. . .", because there were many 4.1 and below quakes out there. Now, I am planning to feel, watch, and listen, tonight, for some deep messages in those momentary rumblings, as I take some shamanic dream-journeys back to the epicenter.

June flowed in on the energy of a rushing in of Life Spirit and the Wyrd/Word. Amidst all of this exitement, a pretty New Moon and a clear Summer soltice happily greeted each other, across a beautiful weekend for exploring the places of power on the Milwaukee lakeshore. Now, Venus is back in full view as the Morning Star, reminder of all hearts' desires!

What is FUN, is to travel in dream-journeys above all points of view possible on Earth, and imagine the dances of Venus in relation to the rest of our Solar-Planetary System. Some call it a Covenant of number, geometry, and movement, agreeing to bring Earth-dreams to life, right before our eyes!


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