Monday, June 21, 2004

Learning The Ways Of The Web

After spending a considerable amount of time online on public computers, at the public libraries, and here and there, I put getting our own equipment pretty close to the top of the prayer list. Just a short time later, Companions Church went online, and for the past week, I have been researching and exploring - and learning basic stuff that even most pre-schoolers know, these days!

The computer screen is indeed like a window, with icons to pray through! So far, there isn't evidence of many connections, as far as numbers go, but there is a surprising sense of being connected to something really, really BIG. . .Cyberspace is yet another realm for shamanic voyaging out, and bringing treasure back! The internet, I am truely beginning to appreciate, is a powerful tool for restoring freedom anywhere and everywhere, and making creative covenants across all kinds of boundaries. But it is taking just a while for this former techno-peasant to catch up! (--The Reverend ECP)


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