Monday, June 14, 2004

Companions Church is a church of animism, gnosis, and intention and we seek, adapt and keep, live, and teach ancient/ageless ways of direct spiritual experience, for bringing back to life on Earth what seems lost - dreams, stories, and dances of authentic power, and FUN! We especially, encourage shamanic creative arts and sacred jesting as ways to happy energy-flow, self-knowledge, and world transformation.

Companions Church will be reaching out more and more, searching for bridges to new opportunities for serving Life Spirit, for the benefit of all. We intend to work in distinct ways, and in free exchanges with others of good will! We are a micro-church, so far, in this world's terms, and yet we represent a longstanding lineage of the Western Inner Tradition.

Soon we will be online (from a secret location) with equipment of our own, so repairing loose connections with others will be getting easier in a very few days. . .!


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